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Travelers - FAQs:
Why using RENTalo to find a place to stay?

Using Rentalo's Multilingual Messaging platform

How can I verify the credibility of a property owner?

Can I trust a property owner (should I send money in advance)?

I can't find phone number, rates or availability in the listing.

I've sent an inquiry. How long should I wait for an answer?

How RENTalo's destination-based inquiry service works ?(also referred as wanted ads or property finder)?

How does the "Email Privacy" work?

Lodging FAQs for listings with ID 64648

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels vs. Bed & Breakfasts

Tips for saving time & money when booking

Subscribing to our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter

Benefits of receiving our monthly newsletters

How does the inquiry's email verification work?

RENTalo's compliance to Anti-Spam Laws

How can I change my email or password?

RENTalo's currency conversion rates and how nightly rates are calculated

EZ BookMe FAQs (RENTalo's online "Book It" service)

EZ BookMe Booking Service Agreement

EZ BookMe Standard Cancellation Policy

Travel Agents - FAQs:

Travel Agent Network Benefits

Travelers - Resources & Tools:
Avoid FRAUD when renting or booking a property

RENTalo's "Worry-Free Lodging Guarantee"
(register your reservation to receive up to $5,000 protection)

Watch virtual tours from over 600 cities worldwide

Newsletter Registration (Free) | Newsletter Archive

Read Other Travelers' Testimonials about our service

Travelers Blog, Tips & Industry Articles

Family Emergency Planning Tips

Vacation Guide Directory

Insurance Programs for Travelers

RENTalo teamed up with Travel Guard to offer Travel Protection Insurance programs. Learn more

Affiliate Programs for Travelers

Our Owner Referral Program offers an exclusive income opportunity by referring property owners to list with us. Learn more

In addition, our affiliate program offers incentives for traveler's inquiries. Learn more.

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