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I have been receiving emails from Rentalo. What is a trial listing?

If you are receiving emails from Rentalo, that usually means that you have been selected to participate in our Free Trial Program. Please note that there is no obligation or purchase necessary to participate in our Free Trial Program. As part of this trial offer, created a trial (unpublished) listing for you so that you can receive accommodation requests from potential travelers for your location. In order for this trial listing to be seen by the travelers, it must be edited with at least a partial description, and at least 1 picture. Otherwise you will receive only “general” inquires from travelers interested in accommodations for your area and not necessarily in your specific property.

During the initial trial period, you receive full Premium benefits (view our Premium Listing Benefits). Once the trial period expires, you will continue to receive (partial) notifications of new accommodation requests, including a link to convert your listing into a Premium listing.

How did Rentalo find us? uses a number of sources to find clients who would benefit from our services. Some of these sources are local chamber of commerce, local or global business directories, yellow pages, affiliate referrals, etc.

All our emails are sent in compliance to the governing Federal and State laws of anti-spamming and unsolicited emails. For more information about spam laws, click here.