Rentalo Updates

Updates released on 12/20/2004

- Performed hardware upgrades on Rentalo servers to increase overall website response and performance. These upgrades were necessary due to the increasing traffic in Rentalo website which is now approaching 500,000 visitors per month and 5 million page views.

- Made changes to Rentalo to compensate for AOL errors "566" as reported by Rentalo AOL customers.

Updates released on 12/20/2004

- Property addresses can be added to the listings. This will help Rentalo’s visibility in the search engines and therefore increase the traffic of travelers.

Updates released on 12/20/2004

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced to better interact with pay per click sources such as google and overture. Better interactions means that we spend our marketing dollars more efficiently and therefore bring more targeted traffic.

Updates released on 12/15/2004

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced to better measure our marketing efforts by tracking information about our visitors. This will help us bring more targeted traffic to the site.

Updates released on 12/14/2004

- Rentalo is given an Extreme Makeover by our professional web design team.

Updates released on 12/06/2004

- Some property owners had a reciprocal link on their website and Rentalo did not recognize it. This was fixed.

Updates released on 10/29/2004

- If a traveler did not provide a phone number, we simply indicated the other possible ways of contacting him or her. Now we also say explicitly that the phone was not provided by the traveler.

- There used to be a bug that did not allow property owners to block 10/10/2004, 11/11/2004, 12/12-18/2004, 10/10/2005, 11/11/2005 and 12/12/2005 as booked in the availability calendar. Now these dates can, as any other, be properly selected.

The following changes were made so that rentalo could be more search engine friendly:

- We have eliminated the instant price calculator that used to appear at Property pages. Now Travelers must make inquiries to get prices directly from the Owners.

- We have moved the virtual tour from the property page to a different page, which is accessible from a link.

- The add-to-favorites link, at the bottom of every page, was removed.

Updates released on 10/22/2004

- The system allowed properties with recurrent payment to be deleted. Now it asks for the recurrent profile to be deactivated first.

- Fixed a bug that removed some special offers each day.

Updates released on 10/19/2004

- Rentalo now takes into account the special offers when calculating prices for travelers.

- Some spelling errors where fixed.

Updates released on 10/01/2004

- We have added the Rentalo ID to the subject of email sent to Property Owners.

- Travelers can now search for locations using the US's states abbreviations.

- There is now a link to "Free Newsletter" at the bottom menu.

Updates released on 9/24/2004

- The Special Offer Accommodation Newsletter has been released! All sponsor clients can now add special offers.

- The inquiry system was enhanced to make sure that all inquiries are broadcasted and none get stuck.

- Clients can now see the inquiries they have deleted from their inquiry inboxes by using the link on the submenu “Deleted Inquiries”.

- Travelers looking for last minute deals can send an inquiry with today’s date as the arrival date.

Updates released on 9/09/2004

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced to detect any money that was not being invested wisely in our marketing campaigns and therefore invest in efforts that would bring more targeted traffic to Rentalo.

- The message seen by property owners when they try to answer an inquiry that no longer accepts offer has been moved to the top of the page.

- A bug in the property history page that resulted in a server error has been fixed.

Updates released on 9/01/2004

- If you are a property owner with more than 1 listing on rentalo, links to your other listings will appear on each of your listings. It will say “Other properties in Rentalo from this owner”.

- A link to the testimonials can now be found all over Rentalo.

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was has enhanced and as a result we are now investing more money in marketing to bring more targeted traffic to Rentalo.

- The Auto-offer feature now asks for at least one picture in order to be activated.

- The monthly audit sent to property owners now has a better explanation about the status of the pictures, including a message that says that the amount of pictures that can be added is unlimited.

- Several text and grammar changes and corrections were made.

Updates released on 9/01/2004

- In the pricing schedule screen, we now detect when a client has entered the same values in the price per night, price per week, and/or price per month field and show a warning message when they save the info.

- The auto-offers feature now requires at least one picture to be activated.

- To make Rentalo more search engine friendly we have included a link called “Visitors that saw this page were also interested in:” in all location pages.

Updates released on 8/30/2004

- In order to help our property owners stay competitive and make their ads more visible in the search engines, Rentalo is now sharing with them a list of recommended search terms that they can use in their ad. Use them; it can make a big difference!

Updates released on 8/26/2004

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced in order to work better and faster with Google.

- A bug with the Auto Offer was fixed.

- Several bugs on the Customer Relation Manager were fixed. This helps us respond to your needs in a faster and more accurate way.

Updates released on 8/12/2004

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced to be faster and therefore be able to bring the most amount of traffic in the least time possible.
- Renewal notices are now sent one week before the properties get automatically renewed.

Updates released on 8/06/2004

- Testimonials! Now we have a system to add, delete, and organize testimonials

- Rentalo’s Dynamic Marketing System was enhanced in order to measure its effectiveness and make sure that it brings the most targeted traffic possible.

Updates released on 7/30/2004

- Rentalo’s mailing address is now shown in all outgoing emails.

Updates released on 7/23/2004

- The Rentalo ID search box in the home page now sends visitors to a page with a link that can be used as a reference by property owners to promote their properties in Rentalo.

Updates released on 7/19/2004

- A problem with the subscription expiration message sent to clients that showed a message at the very bottom of the email regarding multiple properties even if the client had only one has been fixed.

Updates released on 7/08/2004

- Rentalo now has Virtual Tours. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience of the traveler so that they can come back to Rentalo and book your property

- The system to detect email accounts with problems had been improved to better detect accounts with possible.
- Rentalo is optimized not only to be Google friendly, but also for many other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Teoma and more.
Updates released on 7/02/2004

- CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is implemented. With over 100,000 properties listed worldwide, we needed to develop a system to meet our property owners needs in a more professional way. This complex tool took one month+ of development, and helps Rentalo staff manage all sent via the contact form, fax, voice mail, live chat, etc. With CRM we will be able to better serve you.
- The Rentalo ID is now shown as part of the contact information of the property listings.

- An error on the sign in page that appear when a visitor by mistake typed the character ' when trying to sign in was fixed.
- Several spelling errors were fixed and text changes were completed.
- In the location pages, the “|” sign has been removed from the left of the star in the listings of sponsor properties.

- Due to problems that many users experienced trying to logout after the recent change to the caching configuration, we have reverted back to the configuration we used to have.

Updates released on 6/11/2004

- A problem with the recurrent payment system has been fixed.

- The password of the client is now not shown on the link to see the subscription options.

Updates released on 6/04/2004

- Rentalo has changed its pricing structure and now offers a wide choice of options to meet your specific advertising needs and budget.

- The “To:” field has been added to the screen that shows the details in how an inquiry notification was sent.

- Travelers can now search using keywords contained in the name of the properties.

- A bug that did not allow pictures to be showed was fixed.

Updates released on 5/13/2004

- The Best Value Accommodation Newsletter is now here. This will be a traveler tailored newsletter including articles and low-priced offers submitted by property owners. In the future, this interface will also ask for other interest per location, including months, property types, and amount of people that would travel.

- In the inquiry inbox, in the column match and sent, if there is checkmark meaning that the inquiry did match and was sent to the property owner, we now have link (the link is the actual checkmark). That link leads to a page that shows the details of when the email was sent, the subject line, and the "to" address.

- A bug that caused the inquiry inbox to show that no offers were sent to given inquiry even if there were offers sent was fixed. This used to happen with clients that had properties in two or more locations and the inquiry was submitted to both locations simultaneously.

- The main problem that caused our system to send auto reply messages hundreds of times has been modified to significantly reduce the amount of email that the error would cause and help us troubleshoot the problem even further.

- The 404 error page, shown when somebody tries to access a page that no longer exists, now shows the most recent version of the home page. A bug in the system was showing a very old version of the home page.

- Several spelling errors were fixed.

- A bug in the feature that allows property owners with no cookies to make a payment was fixed.
Updates released on 4/29/2004

- Error with the way the resubmit inquiry form was shown (not submitted) on the pets section has been fixed.

- Rentalo is enhanced to be more search engine friendly.

- The text “I accept Rentalo's listing guidelines and legal disclaimer” has been added to the sign up screen for clients and the subscription options screen.

- There is now a “Traveler” button on the top menu on the side of “Travel Agents”.

Updates released on 2/21/2004

- The inquiry notification emails now have the links "spelled out" so that clients can copy and paste them on the browser.

- The system now allows clients to have limited access to the functionalities of the website, including answering inquiries and paying subscriptions, even if their cookies don't work.

- Problem with caches and cookies has been finally resolved with the final tune up to the configuration.

- 404 error are now technical enough to be understood by search engines. This helps us be more search engine friendly.

Updates released on 2/16/2004

- Rentalo was moved to new servers. This upgrade was implemented do to the increase in traffic and properties being added to the site.

- The results of location searches now show in bold the location with more properties.

- Auto offers now include the following text: "This calculated price may not include additional taxes & other fees"

- The link to request booking on all offers is now more attractive and has a new text: "Click here to confirm pricing & availability for this property".

- Now Rentalo shows more text in the result page. Before we only displayed 256 characters and now we display 512. Use this text to attract more travelers to your listing.

- The explanation " Note: The day of departure is not taken into account by Rentalo when generating automatic offers (by industry standard)." can now be seen in the pricing section of properties.

- An error experienced when organizing pictures has been fixed.

Updates released on 9/01/2003

- Rentalo 2.0 is released with many more features and more user friendly interface.