If a simple image says more than 1000 words, video cannot be even compared. Keeping up with this new trend, Rentalo offers you the opportunity to share the video of your vacation rental property with travelers at no additional cost.

Now you can show off with all the amazing features and amenities of your property, giving your listing a better exposure and improving its performance!

Rentalo makes it easy for you to publish and share the video of your property on-line.
Already have the video? Upload it now!
Making the video. Technical tips.
1. The length of your video cannot exceed 10 minutes and 100 MB. However, it is better to make it shorter: 3 or 4 minutes of footage will be perfect.
2. Video Format. Rentalo recommends you save your videos as either QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI or .MPG files. These are the most common formats that work well within YouTube, where you will be uploading your video in the next step.
3. We recommend you shoot a few separate, short videos and then merge them using an editing program such as Microsoft Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. (Most computers come with video editing programs already installed).
Making the video. What to capture.
1. Property view from the outside. "Entering and presenting the property".
2. Living room, social area, dining room.
3. Sleeping/private areas: bedrooms and bathrooms.
4. Kitchen.
5. Other stuff: amenities, things to do. For ex.: gameroom, balcony, swimming pool, garden, BBQ, hot tub, view from the house, lake, ocean, mountains, local activities.
Making the video. General tips.
1. Make sure there is nobody in the house so that you don't record any people.
2. Turn all the lights ON, this gives a nicer and warmer look of your house.
3. Try to shoot during a sunny day. Lighting during the sunset is also unique.
4. Watch out for mirrors so you don't record your own reflection.
5. Shoot with a tripod. If you do not have one, hold your camera with both hands and try to keep them steady so that the video is not shaky or blurry.
6. Estimate the video length for 4 minutes. Try not to repeat the same property areas while filming.
Video. Uploading.
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Your video will have to be uploaded and hosted in YouTube before linking from your property page. You first have to create an account in YouTube. Click here and follow the steps for sign up. Once you have created the account, you will need to upload your video. Go to the "My Account" section where you will find the “Upload New Video” button. Follow the simple steps for adding the video title, description and browsing the file from your computer.

If you have other questions about YouTube upload, you can find answers here.

Once you have successfully uploaded your Video to YouTube, you will be able to view and edit it anytime after logging into your account. In the Videos section of your account you can find all the information about your uploaded videos. By clicking on the title, you will be able to watch your video. While watching it, on the right side you will find the box with your video information: Tags, URL and Embed Code. The Embed code is what you will need to paste in your Rentalo video linking option. You can also find the Embed code under "Edit Video Info" in your YouTube account.

Placing the video in Rentalo.
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Once your video has been successfully uploaded to YouTube and you have copied the Embed code mentioned above, placing it in Rentalo is very easy. Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Sign into your Rentalo listing account.
2. Click on the Video Tab.
3. Paste the Embed code in the text box that says: “Insert Code” and click on the save video button.

You’re done! To see your video in Rentalo, go to Edit/Manage last section: Preview. This is how travelers will see your property!
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