Travelers Help > How Long Should I Wait for a Reply from a Property Owner?

According to our recent stats, 85% owners respond to email inquiries within 4 to 8 hours. However, 15% of owners do take up to 48 hours or longer to respond. If you send an email inquiry, please be patient if you are within the 48 hour window. If you sent an inquiry more than 48 hours ago, and have not received a response, please contact us to request our Customer Service team to look into this listing and assist you in contacting this property owner or manager.

Also, if there is a telephone number, please try calling the property owners directly and inquire about the property or properties you are interested in. (Phone numbers should be available by clicking on the contact owner button at the top, of the individual listings).

Additionally, you may want to resubmit your inquiry or use our free POST WANTED AD service to receive offers and compare rates from other properties (please note that not all owners have published listings in rentalo).

If you still can't find the answer to your question, please contact us

Happy Renting!
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