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st john captain

We are a group of four couples—two from San Diego, CA and two from Reston, VA. The Kageys organized the trip. This is their 5th visit to St. John. This house is perfect for four couples. The kitchen is well stocked. All appliances worked. Landscaping is beautiful and large deck with breathtaking views was well used, as was your library. Thank you for letting us appreciate your art work. The house is close to town, Star market, and Westin. Weather during our stay was 30-40% showers, but we were never rained on. Mostly rain was at night. Winds from North created swells on North facing beaches, but Bays on South side were calm—Lancheshir, Hanlover, Hurrican Hole, etc. for snorkeling. Suggestions for your stay: Breakfast at Maho Bay campground (they stop serving at 9:30 AM) Beautiful deck with view of Maho Bay. Lunch at Skinny Legs. Shipwreck, The Beach Bar. Dinner at Morgan’s Mango, Lime Inn, ZoZo’s. Favorite Snorkeling spots: Little & Greater Lamshur Bays, Jumbie, Oppenhiemer, Haul Over, Day sail on “Breath” from Coral Bay to Hurricane Hole and New Found Bay. Lyn and Price Kagey Fred and Sandy McMullen Joan and Bernie Deviine Linn and Terry Mitchell