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The room was disgusting! When we first opened the door to our "suite" we were hit with a musty odor. The carpet, couch, and chairs were damp to the touch. In the bathroom the toilet paper was even damp! I understand that the room is close to the beach, but I have stayed in room right on the shore before and never had that problem. When we came home from enjoying the beach, I stepped in the shower to rinse of the sand. The water did not drain right and the bathtub was full of sand for the rest of our stay. The water smelled "fishy" and the towels not only smelly musty, they were rough as sandpaper. The towels were no longer white, but a grayish tone of white. The toilet was filthy, with actually feces under the rim. The toilet seat itself was so dingy it looked dirty (and very well could have been as dirty as it looked). There was what looked like blood stains on the shower curtain and the floor had hair on it from the previous occupants. The refrigerator in our room was barely cold and the inside of the microwave was not clean. I did not use it to see if it worked; we decided to eat out instead of trying since the microwave was dirty. When I first sat on the bed I got a whiff of something that smelled like someone had rolled around in feces then got on the bed. It was enough to make me wretch. I had to strip the bedspread off the bed. I laid down on the pillows and mine smelled dirty. I reached over and grabbed another pillow and sniffed it and the smell was unbearable, I wretched again. I finally went across the street to the store and got some Frebreze so that we could sleep comfortably (which I didn't). The next day our clothes smelled like the room. We had to drive all the way home smelling that musty, dirty hotel room. I had to Frebreze the car and our clothes when we got home (the smell did not just wash out.) People pay to stay in hotel rooms to have a vacation from cleaning. I want a room to be clean, crisp, and fresh. After taxes I paid almost $100 for this room and was VERY DISAPPOINTED! A tent on the beach would have been cleaner than staying at your hotel.