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Stayed in a one-bedroom unit recently. The condo was nice and the complex was great. and Oceanside is wonderful.. BUT be sure to understand all of the "add-ons" included in the rental agreement (ends up costing WAY more than quoted price!) Also, be sure to re-wash all dishware, etc. The cleaning crew must not check dishes and pots and pans between renters.

Valerie Riedel

My son is in the Marine Corp and stationed at Camp Pendleton and we have stayed in these units 2 times over the past 2 years the 2 bedroom and the 1 bedroom. We have been more that satisfied! We loved the area and the facilities these units have to offer. Beautiful!!! The owners were very helpful both times with any information we needed. Valerie

Denise Tarrant

We had a great time and the area was lovely. Wanted to know if the cleaning was satisfactory and when we could expect our deposit back. We had a problem with the TV that was in the living room, the first couple of days the picture was distorted but cleared up after that. The only thing that I would do differently in the future is to spend more time enjoying the facilities and less time touring. Thank you so much, Denise