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Gail Wondra

The grounds were beautiful, the pools were wonderful, the whirlpools had a beautiful view and were wonderful. The problem was the food and the alcohol. The food was mediocre and the drinks were watered. I would like to comment on the help. I lost my medications when I moved rooms at the resort and it was very difficult to get the same medicine in the Dominican. The night manager was wonderful and very helpful. He let me search my old room , he took me to the maids closet and let me look there and he took me to the laundry to ask them if they had found anything in the linen and had the day staff speak with the maid who cleaned the room. Even though I never found my medication, I think the management was very helpful and friendly and they did everything possible to help me. I really appreciated the help and concern they showed toward this issue. I was not able to purchase the same medication in the Dominican that I use in the U. S , but I did substitute another medicine and everything turned out o.k. So thank you for a wonderful staff.