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Heather L

We spent 5 days at this property and we were very disappointed in the upkeep of this home. Everything was filthy. Upon entering there were several dead cockroaches in the kitchen and during our stay we saw several more live ones. The oven looked like it hadn't been cleaned in quite some time. One bathroom upstairs had mold in the shower curtain, another one the floor was peeling back from the tub area and the half bathroom toilet was leaking so much that we couldn't use it. The game room was also very dirty and the pictures do not accurately indicate what is there. In addition one of the games was broken so we couldn't really use it. Only two of the four burners on the stove were working. The pool was very murky and there was dirt covered the bottom. We called several times during our stay and never got a call back. Someone did come to attempt to fix the stove but he couldn't and never came back. every time we called before we got there we were able to reach someone but as soon as we checked in suddenly no one was available to help us