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Nita L.

Perhaps this link will work for more pix of Sea Air Towers and inside of condo:

Nita L.

Here are some pix of Sea Air Towers and the lovely condo:

Nita L.

My family (teens), my fiancee, and I stayed at Liz' place for the month of July, 2011. Sea Air Towers is a nice, older, well-appointed high rise on the southern tip of Hollywood, bordering Hallendale beach. The pool deck is gorgeous and not enough can be said about the crystal clear emerald ocean mere steps from the condo's patio doors. The condo itself was quite nice as well, and when Liz says it's 'completely furnished' believe her! I've stayed in many condos all over this land and while some left a bad taste in my mouth (sure they provided linens, but didn't bother to tell you they were threadbare), Liz's place knocked my socks off. Everything you can need/want for your stay is there from personal items to ocean toys to cleaning supplies to exquisite cutlery, dinnerware, and cookware. Truly truly this is a well-stocked, well-taken care of condo and Liz was always available and helpful should questions arise. We weren't too fond of the security there though. While a measure of security is comforting, their security staff went way overboard in executing their 'duties.' Pool toys/floatation devices aren't allowed in the pool, yet we witnessed the security staff pick and choose who had to adhere to the rules and who didn't. Residents were not allowed to sit quietly around the pool after 11pm (fully clothed so they knew we weren't going to swim after hours!). I even witnessed security come from their perch inside the lobby directly to three children in the pool *just to tell them to remove their goggles from the ledge*!! Their fervor was so 'over the top' that they were commonly known as 'clipboard nazis' among the patrons/residents. I know this sounds harsh, but to see them in action was almost laughable. Monitors are used for the pool area, and common areas such as the gym, corridors, rec room, etc., and believe me, they patrol these areas often. Most of the time I found their presence harrassing; but I understand they are doing their job as well. There seems to be so many things you CAN'T do that making a list of the things you CAN do would be shorter; maybe the management can look into that :). The valet staff was always helpful, always smiling, and always courteous and friendly. Without having all the facts, and just observing for the month of July, Sea Air Towers appears to cater to the older, retired residents. It almost felt as though renters/transients/NON-RESIDENTS weren't quite welcomed with open arms there. I could be wrong but more than a few of us felt this way. All in all, would I stay there again? YOU BETCHA! The place is really gorgeous and you will learn to ignore/stay out of the way of the over-zealous security staff. The ocean and beach is clean, and Sea Air Towers is conveniently located within walking distance to Hallandale Road where you'll find eating establishments, Walmart, grocery stores, etc. Recommended dining: Flanigan's! Awesome food, stupendous burgers and daily specials that are incredible. It's about 5 minutes' drive from the condo too :). Of course, Aventura Mall (where celebs shop!), Hardrock Seminole, & Anne Kolb Nature Center are all within an easy drive. Liz, you have a fantastic place---one to be proud of. Anyone staying here would feel the same, of this I'm sure! We miss it already :(.

Britt Warren

We stayed here last August and we had a wonderful time!! Our 3 kids loved the pool and the beach and the little "welcome basket" the owner had left for them. Their were lots of water toys for swimming in the pool or the ocean. Shopping and Restaurants are near by, lots of things to do! Overall we had a great time and would come back definitely, highly recommended. Thank you for having us.