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Donatella Marchessino Dalta

Magnifico! Thank all of Marquesa staff for lovely vaction. Acapulco is fun , Villa is beautifull and so relax. We come back soon to Mexico ! Multo Gracie! Chao. Donna.

Lauren Williams and Friends

WOW, what a house ! this is the most fun vacation we ever had, my 40th birthay bash was so great,I want to come live there. The sperb cook made us all fat but happy, and the barman was the best. Our comments are: INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFULL, UNIMAGINABLE. a true "10 ". & the discos are fantastic. Loved everything in Acapulco. DO VISIT !!

Mrs Martin Weinbeck & family

First but not least, I would like to thank Mrs Diaz for her invaluable help and all the preparations she helped arrange for our daughters wedding. It was a success, we had a magical day and the love birds are still chirping about how happy we made them. & of couse our best to all the wonderfull staff who catered to us like never before anyone has. The arrival was a bit worrysome as the road was not in good shape, but once inside its another world, a splendid and magnificent home. We highly recommend this 5 star villa .

Dr. Melvin J. Ganter

The most enjoyable vacation for all our group. Mrs Felix , We all thank you for your valuable time. The meals were perfect, and the service was impeccable. The yacht was a relaxing alternative to the crowded beaches, a special treat for all of us. The votes are in, we will be visiting villa Marquees next year . I , personally wish to reserve same dates for my family vacation. Let me know if available. Thank You.

Eduard Montalvo

We were invited to write a comment, I see there are quite a few.. Yes, it is a Palace, the views are special, not like the " usual"; restful, elegant, the staff is wonderful! We chose the best house, enjoyed the yacht, this little toy to be included at rental ,if requested is quite a treat. it was a sunny and special day. For the plans for our daughters wedding next year, we vote Marquesa as the perfect setting. Mrs. Diaz, Thank you so Much !

Mrs.Marinelly Dugey

To all who may wish to vacation in Acapulco: We have vacationed often in Mexico & Acapulco, but This time we chose Acapulco's best ! We enjoyed the best service, the best food, and the most beautiful of homes.The pool views are out of the ordinary,the home is a true Italian Villa, all our espectations were " supersized" as we walked in!. much more than ever expected.( fotos viwed do no justice to the home.) Will allways remember the refreshing drinks at our arrival, the impeccable staff waiting to carry bags, to each lovely bedroom.. Thank you for everything... & Spoiled forever.

Dr.Gerald Gordon Jr.

We recommend this beautiful home to any one planning a perfect vacation.Our stay was wonderful,thehome is a work of art,the meals exellent, the staff.. we wish'd to take them with us. In every very aspect it was was a superb week.Thank you.

Mr.Rod Lalonde jr.

Our highest apreciation to all the wonderful staff of this magnificent home. All the planning was executed flawlessly. The yacht was a wonderful excursion, we enjoyed every sunny moment. Thank you for a most marvelous vacation.

Eloinne Vartin

Madame, our most precious moment will be forever in our heart, The wedding was a glorious event, All our family was impressed with the superb acomodations and the imecable arrangements you were so gracious to help us arrange from so far away....THANK YOU,! je vous remercie,with my hearts content. & Please convey our gratitude to your wonderfull staff..!

Joseph P. Greer Jr.

This Villa is extraordinary, true Italian in all details. What a perfect vaction ! peacefull, restfull , unwinding... The perfect mix of fun, sun and elegance.The service is wonderful,.. the dinners were much better than the restaurants we visited..The party on the yacht with the mariachi band was unforgetable.! Thank you for all your time and help. My wife will never forgive me if we are not back next year.

mrs. Marie von Bogen

Wow! what a gorgeous setting & the most beauitiful of homes ! superb service. We are highly impressed. everything was ready for us. The menus we chose were wonderful, delicious. We recomend this home above any other, as we have been in many, as we travel to Acapulco each year. 5 star award.