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Emilie C. Harting

My grown daughter and I stayed in this apartment for ten days in September, 2011, and we absolutely loved it. The location is perfect: two short blocks to the central square, two blocks from the Ponte Vecchio and a ten minute walk from any of the major art museums. In fact the back entrance of the Uffizi was just outside our front door. Florence is filled with many a multitude of moderately priced restaurants with delicious food. (Just look on the little streets that lead off the squares and don't go to the places on the squares.) The apartment was stocked with anything we might need for cooking, and there is even a washing machine. The place was so spacious and comfortable, and had so much atmosphere. We really began to feel like Florentines. In our living room we lounged on a huge red futon and comfy armchair. A large table, covered with our books and papers stretched out under the crank mullioned windows across the room. Antique tables and armoires were stuffed with supplies such as linens and towels, and the walls were decorated with tasteful art, modern abstract to prints of Greek classical figures. The galley kitchen was the start of a long hallway that led to an old, thick wooden door with an enormous switch lock that clicked five times whenever we turned the key. Wed seen a similar lock at the Bargello Museum nearby. Our bedrooms, decorated with Ikea type furniture and wall units were in the back. Several times we did our laundry in the very modern little washer set discreetly off in a closet like room, and hung our clothes on the racks provided. We spent one quarter of what it would have cost for a standard hotel room, and the apartment came with so many perks. The owners were very lovely and attentive. I'd highly recommend the place unless you can't climb four flights of stairs.

arbel & ehud huberman

we highly recommend this apartment. the location is excellent and the neighbourhood provides all needs. the apartment is spacious, well planned and designed. the owner is kind, efficient and very helpful.