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In a word, "charming". We stayed in the Mermaid Bungalow and it was absolutely fantastic. We had a great view of the pool and the water. The bungalow was nicely decorated and super comfortable. We found out that the manager is also the owner and she was very helpful guiding us to good restaurants and night spots on Siesta Key. We cannot wait to stay there again. And, this time we want to stay much longer.


I have stayed at Siesta Key Bungalows a few times and thankfully Tim and Yvonne are no longer there. I ran into an issue with their unprofessional attitude as well. The grounds look soooo much better than they used to and the interior of the bungalows look amazing. Its as if there was a complete overhaul with the management AND the grounds. I would recommend this resort to anybody... I stayed in the Mermaid unit and it was incredible, so nice and clean. Evidently a lady from Let's Go periodical wrote about the place and had nothing but good things to say. The article should be online somewhere, its really great what she said and nothing but the truth. Two thumbs up for getting this beautiful resort back in tip top shape :):) Will definitely come back, and maybe this time with my dog ;)

Tonya Dietsch

Regarding the response posted by Yvonne with Siesta Key Bungalows: Weather or not the dogs were on leash does not change the fact that there is a 160lb vicious dog on this property. Why else do they make certain that no one is around when they walk it. Tim can barely control that dog while on leash. Yvonne and Tim also acted extremely unprofessional as they yelled and screamed and pointed fingers vs. advising us of the dog rules.

Yvonne Green

Regarding the traveling guest with the (2) dogs... The rules & regulations of this property is to always have your dogs on leashes. The two dogs that were with the guests were "not" on leashes (finally one was). I asked them to leash the dogs. Their dogs ran around the property absolutely everywhere and into the pool area - where according to Florida statutes, this can not be. We told the guest(s) that the dogs could "not" be in that area, which really made the guest(s) angry. There were no problems until we expressed that their dogs be on leashes & under their owner's control. The dogs that live on this property are "no" threat to anyone. Anyone that "knows" St. Bernards will know that they love everyone and "may" slobber on them but loves everyone.

Tonya Dietsch

Beware - If traveling with a dog! Upon arrival we noticed that the bungalows were clean but old, and not the charming kind of old. They smelled of mold and mildew. This I could have overlooked but where I take issue with this place is that this “resort” has a vicious dog on site. The owners/managers live in one of the units with their two dogs, once of which is a 160 lb St. Bernard that “hates other dogs” and left to his own devices would attack other dogs according to Yvonne (Owner/manager). We also noticed during our stay that Tim, who walked the St Bernard, was barely able to control the dog. We booked a room here because they allow dogs and we wanted to bring our dog with us. Had I know about the St Bernard, I would have never put my dog or family in that kind of danger.

Frank & Peggy

A very special place, beautiful tropical setting on a lagoon, comfortable, clean private bungalows with all you need to relax, great pool and a friendly staff that leaves you alone unless you request information or assistance We will be going back and so will you . Siesta Key Bungalows has our highest recomendations.


This is a very special place to spend time. If you are looking to suspend reality and totally relax, this is the place for you. The rooms are spotless and comfortable and the hosts are very accomadating. I recommend Siesta Key Bungalows very highly.