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Beth Cunningham

I just returned home from a 7 day stay at the Virginian Suites. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!!!! The front desk staff is beyond rude, unaccomodating, and are not helpful. Our stay, which included 4 poeple, started with a simple request for extra towels and hangers. The hangers we could have done without, but we needed the extra towels since they only provided 2 per day. It took several calls to the front desk and housekeeping and over 24 hours to receive the towels we needed. Each day thereafter we received them with no problem after we left a hand written note and a tip. We had requested a Peapod delivery during our stay and I was assured by the front desk that they would make sure the groceries were delivered to our room and that any refrigerated items would be put away for us. When we returned from sightseeing several hours later, all our lunch meat and cheese hadn't been put away. So, it all had to be thrown out. One morning, as we planned to go back to DC for more sightseeing, we waited for the free hotel shuttle to get to the metro station. We waited over 20 minutes, so I asked the front desk about the shuttle and was assured that the shuttle runs every 10 - 15 minutes all day long and should arrive shortly. So, our party of 4, including a young child waited another 20 minutes. We then went back to the front desk to be told that the shuttle had stopped running for the day.... Another morning we called down to the front desk to request a taxi. After waiting in the lobby 30 minutes we found out that a cab was never called... Each and every interaction with the front desk staff resulted in a rude attitude. They do not want to be bothered with guests at all. They act inconvenienced everytime you bother them. Our first night there we asked the front desk if they could recommend a restaurant. We were very hungry after traveling several hours in the car that day. We walked about 3 blocks to the recommended restaurant to find out it had closed. We quickly realized that we could not rely on the staff for assistance. Even simple questions about the quickest route to a certain location, they had no idea how to answer the questions... Overall, the rooms are great in size and the location is very convenient. However, I would find another hotel nearby and pay double before I would stay at Virginian Suites again. It was a HUGE disappointment especially for our first family to trip to DC.