Shopova Kashta BANSKO

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Bansko Vacation Rental
Type Home
Sleeps 14
Bedrooms 7
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Price depends on number of people and length of stay.
The house offers 16 beds in total. Shopova kashta is an old Bansko house built in 1930, renovated in 2007 and converted to offer all the amenities of modern living. It is located next to the St. Peter 's and Pavel 's Chapel and bar Base Camp at the end of the main street Tzar Simeon, 87.

The house is built from stone and wood in old-fashioned Bulgarian style and has a very romantic look. There are an apartment with an old-fashioned fireplace and a kitchen, a studio and panoramic rooms with excellent view from the balconies. Every room has its own bathroom, internet, satellite TV and most have minibar.

The house is perfect place for private or business parties and celebrations. There is parking space in the yard for 5-6 cars. The furniture is from natural wood in old fashioned Bulgarian style. All rooms and bathrooms are different with original and unique design.

The automatic local heating provides non-stop hot water and warm rooms. The house is under video surveillance and has a security system.

An enchanting oasis of tranquility, Shopova kashta is set on a quiet street just a 5-minute drive away from the skilift. The perfect place for peaceful rest or noisy parties.
Bansko Vacation Rentals Home - Shopova Kashta BANSKO
Price depends on number of people a...
87 Tsar Simeon Str. Bansko, 2770

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