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We offer a variety of fine vacation rentals in the Kelowna, British Columbia area, as well as executive condos in Marina del Rey, California, and Seattle, Washington. All of our homes offer first-class amenities to make your stay more enjoyable.

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Not exactly as advertised. This is one of the few places to add a review, as owner-direct does not have reviews. Firstly, the pictures of the yard are taken from angles that don't properly represent the space. The yard is small and most of the mutliple acres are steep trees. Also - not as seen in the photographs, it is up a rather steep shared private driveway and not directly accross the road from the lake. You need to descend the private driveway, cross the road and then down the path to the water - to a rocky beach, but nice water. There is a picture of a wedding on the lawn with about 35 people - don't be fooled, there is nowhere near that much space. And that waterfall feature was not working. Not at all a kid friendly yard. Inside and out there are noticeable signs of wear and tear, that wouldn't suggest a luxury rental, and certainly don't justify the price. Noteably, upon arriving there was no-one there, nor was there any binder or other information to give us such things as instructions on use of AV equipment, garbage and recycling, WIFI passwords, etc. There was a person to call, who responded reasonably promptly, but overall this was not acceptable. The bad - well, lots of broken things. Starting in the much praised basement - some of the light switches are broken off or don't work, the fridge didn't work and smelled like someone had puked in it. The popcorn maker advertised does not work, and a few of the reclining seats are broken such that you can't recline. The seats show noticeable wear, and many of the cup holders are broken. The video/sound equipment itself is getting dated.... it was a struggle to hook up HD equipment to supplement the DVD player - no HDMI pass-through, etc. Overall, with it not being a wet-bar, and no fridge (that didn't smell like puke), it was annoying making drinks and entertain down there. The bedroom downstairs is basic bedding as noted - those metal frame double bottom single top bunks. Someone needs to tighten these up - one was noticeably wobbly - luckily we did not need the top bunks. The middle floor - several remotes for the TV only a few work, see above as to no instructions left behind. The kitchen is large, but not stocked for a "luxury rental''. The pots and pans are nice, but the rest of the supplies are very basic, and not enough cups. Only 6 coffee cups for a place that sleeps 8-10? Frustrating for a supposed luxury rental (plus a rather small coffee maker - so we had to make like 3 different pots of coffee each morning - for only 7 adults). The dishes didn't fit properly in the dishwasher - another annoyance (who wants to do dishes on their vacation). Only one cutting board was provided (we left a few we picked up on the cheap - your welcome!). Also - all of the cutting knives are horrible. Given that we had kids in our group and ate mostly at the home, we would next time bring some functionable cutting knives. There is probably more - and some of it minor inconvenience - but not one you expect from a luxury rental, especially given the price you pay to rent this. Most people's every day dishes/cutlery/utensils, etc. are much better than this - in a luxury rental, you aren't supposed to be "roughing it". On the positive - well stocked cleaning supplies (garbage bags, dish and dishwasher soap, saran/foil, etc. that are nice to have around). The master bedroom - has a big old TV in it - that really just takes up space - where something useful like a dresser/wardrobe would be convenient. The clothes storage is limited to a few closets, with wire racks, but no hangers... and in the bathroom, there is a tiny shower you wedge yourself into (through there is a nice jacuzzi tub and big mirror/sink, and storage - so a large bathroom) - and the showerhead was terrible - it is so hard and fine of a spray that it hurt too much on any part of the body other than head and shoulders (written by a guy who likes powerful showerheads). Worse shower than almost every hotel I have ever stayed in (and I have backpacked through Cambodia!) And since the bedroom only has venetian blinds to the deck access, too much light gets through in the morning - some curtains would be a big plus. The deck with BBQ was adequate, though the BBQ could definitely use some cleaning. The patio table has a piece of broken glass still used (supported by ply-wood) and the umbrella functions (mostly) but is also broken in places. The hot tub (small) was broken when we arrived (that was the only note/information left for us), and even when fixed (promptly), seemed to leak onto the deck, and the water was kinda gross and over-chloronated/brominated. The upstairs bedrooms seemed sufficient, though lacked in storage space (dressers), and just really have closets for clothes. Overall, given the price we were disappointed. It wasn't cleaned very well (towels were still in the dryer, not placed in the bathrooms) and a very cursory clean indeed throughout. Somewhat adequate house rental - NOT LUXURY, so just be informed, as we weren't. Stayed August 2012, traveled with family
Posted by: greg

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