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Welcome to Wellness and Yoga in Costa Rica. Beautiful, fun and healthy. Pura Vida Retreat and Spa is considered by some as the Wellness and Yoga destination of choice outside the United States. We offer you a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit in an oasis of beauty, tranquility and home like intimacy. Pamper your body and soul whilst exploring the delights of Costa Rica, a country which is renowned for its beauty.....

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Directions to Pura Vida in English As you exit the airport, you will have to make a right. Just after exiting the airport you will go under the Pan-American Highway and take the ramp to the right following the sign to Alajuela. This ramp will loop around and merge onto the main highway. Make your way immediately to the right lane and take the first off ramp to your right, again following the sign to Alajuela. Take this road about 2 kilometers past the Mall INternacional on your left. Go to the second traffice light and make a right. Continue straight through several traffic lights. You will pass a McDonald's on your right. Two blocks after the McDonald's, follow the flow or traffice which will be making a left turn there is a Martinizing dry cleaning store on the corner . After this turn, continue straight about 6 blocks. At a traffice light, you will see a building on the right with Coca-Cola signs painted on it. Take a right at this corner. Just after the turn, you will see a large red structure on you left, which is a soccer stadium. If you just need directions from Alajuela, you'll start here 'at el stadio', the soccer stadium . Start measuring Exactly 7 kilometers from here, toward Carrizal, you will find a bar on the left called 'Bar Nueva Penca' formerly Apolo 15 . Make a sharp left turn that is almost a U-turn and go 700 meters. Stay to the left on the paved road until you come to a huge stone wall on your left. Stop at the first cream colored gate where a guard is posted. The guard will check in with our reception desk and direct you on where to go.
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1500 metros de Fabrica de Alajuela, 00000

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