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Staying in B&Bs and guesthouses in comparison to your traditional hotels, can turn out to be an incredibly fun and memorable trip. Unlike hotels, Guesthouses and B&Bs provide a more intimate and cosy setting. Guests are able to experience personalized service, allowing the staff to introduce themselves on a friendlier level.  

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Accommodation plays a major role in the enjoyment of your trip, and greatly enhances your overall experience. There's nothing worse on vacation than having to stay in a hotel you absolutely despise returning to at the end of the day!

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Lowest Price Guarantee

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To ensure securing the best deal you can find, make sure to take into account the following tips and tricks:

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What is the Difference between Guesthouses and B&B's?

Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts both offer a quaint and personalized form of lodging with a charming and homely atmosphere. Essentially providing a 'home away from home' type of experience. Having said that, there are slight differences allowing you to distinguish between them. 

Guesthouses are typically much smaller, family run businesses offering private rooms with en-suites. They can sometimes come in the form of independent cottages, offering a charming and comfortable stay. They may not provide meals, but those that do will serve them in a separate dining area. Also, guesthouses usually have shared common spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and gardens. The level of interaction with the hosts may be limited, but does vary. 

B&B's on the other hand are characterized by the inclusion of breakfast in the rate, earning it the name 'Bed and Breakfast'. The breakfast is the central part of the B&B experience and is typically served in a communal dining area. B&B's tend to be a lot more intimate, allowing guests to build closer relationships with the hosts and interact on a friendlier level. The set-up of the environment is a lot more sociable, encouraging guests to mingle with one another.

No Hidden Fees

At Rentalo we take great pride in how we conduct our services. We understand how frustrating it is to make bookings online which you believe were great purchases, only to then later be startled with multiple hidden fees! However, we ensure that our valued customers are able to travel to their heart's desire with full confidence that there aren't any hidden costs lurking around the corner.

Book with Confidence and Flexibility

When booking with Rentalo there's no need to worry about alternations in your schedule, as we understand that plans change all the time. Whether you've changed your mind, or can’t attend your trip on the confirmed dates, simply log in and cancel/amend your booking for free. Make sure you check the hotel’s website to confirm whether cancelling incurs extra charges.

No Prepayment Required

We don't believe in charging our customers before they've even have had the opportunity to lay eyes on the accommodation. Customers are provided with fully flexible bookings allowing you to choose and change within your own time without having to worry about extortionate fees.

The Best ways to find cheap Guest Houses or B&B in Canada

Search by Location, Price, and Rating

Rentalo are at your service when it comes to ticking off boxes for top location, price and rating. Simply use our toggle and filters, select your preferred location, budget, amenities and more. Once you have a clear idea of what it is that you desire, then simply trust Rentalo to take over from there. Make sure to utilise all of our filters available, as the more detailed you are with the search, the more precise we can be with presenting the results.

Read Guest Reviews

Reading reviews of previous guests is an excellent method of understanding the quality and service of an accommodation before having visited yourself. Take the time to read through their experiences, as this will help you gain insight into amenities offered, cleanliness, food and much more. Make sure to browse through both positive and negative reviews in order to make a fairer assessment.

Book with Confidence 

Booking with Rentalo with leave you with full confidence that you're kick starting your vacation with a boom! With all the ins and outs covered, and bargain deals at your fingertips, you're sure to be left overly satisfied with our service. Our highly skilled team are just a phone call or email away, ensuring you a smooth sailing trip.

Contact the Hosts

The huge benefit to choosing guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts over hotels, is the personalized service. Due to their intimate settings, guests are able to build friendly rapports with the staff and receive more one to one service. Don't be afraid to reach out, as the hosts are always more than happy to answer questions as well as provide further information.

Types of B&Bs and Guesthouses in Canada

The variety of types and styles of B&B's as well as guesthouses, enhances the overall excitement of staying in such accommodation. The intimate setting, friendly staff, personalized service, and social environment is enough on its own to entice any traveler, however once you see the range of options available, your fingertips will be eager to get booking right away!

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