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How to Find the Perfect Place to Stay

Finding the perfect bed and breakfast in Scotland can be a wonderful experience, but it requires some effort and research. This is where Rentalo step in to take the work load off you, allowing you to pick the best possible option for your stay. 

We are an accommodation website specialising in all types of accommodation making it convenient for travellers to find and book unique and affordable places.

It's best to take into account the following factors when hunting for a B&B in Scotland:

  1. Decide on the location: Scotland is a beautiful country with a wide range of landscapes and attractions. Consider which areas you would like to visit and narrow down your search to specific regions or cities. Rentalo has an extensive search engine which allows you to filter your search not just by price range but location as well.
  2. Browse the reviews: At Rentalo we have done all of the hard work of analysing reviews and ratings of each B&B and have picked out the best options. Make sure you read through the reviews of the B&Bs we have carefully selected for you as it's a great way for you to get an understanding of the B&B and whether or not it's suitable for your stay.

  3. Check the amenities: Consider what amenities are important to you, such as free Wi-Fi, parking, or breakfast when conducting your search.

  4. Choose a budget: B&Bs can range in price, so consider what your budget is and what you're willing to pay for. Take advantage of Rentalo's fantastic filter search system where you can select your preferred budget and only browse option that are within your price range, helping you to look after the pennies!

  5. Book early: B&Bs can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel season, so it's important to book early to secure your spot.

What to Expect in Scotland's B&Bs

B&Bs in Scotland provide warm and authentic experiences that allow you to connect with the local culture and people. What to expect varies depending on location and the specific B&B, however, here are some general features you can look out for:

  1. Traditional Scottish hospitality: B&Bs in Scotland are known for their friendly and welcoming hosts who are eager to share their knowledge of the local area.

  2. Home-cooked breakfasts: Breakfast is a big part of the B&B experience. You can expect a hearty Scottish breakfast, including eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, and haggis, as well as options like porridge, toast, and cereals.

  3. Comfortable and cosy rooms: B&Bs are often housed in traditional Scottish buildings, such as historic homes or farmhouses, which can offer a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Rooms may vary in size, but they are typically clean, tidy, and well-maintained.

  4. En-suite bathrooms: Many B&Bs in Scotland offer en-suite bathrooms, although some may have shared facilities. It is always best to check with the individual B&B before booking.

  5. Local knowledge and recommendations: B&B hosts are often a wealth of knowledge about the local area and can provide recommendations for things to see and do, places to eat, and hidden gems that are off the beaten track.

  6. Good value for money: B&Bs can be a more affordable alternative to hotels, especially in popular tourist areas. They offer a personal touch and a unique experience that you may not get in a larger hotel.


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Most Popular B&B Locations in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country with many scenic locations to choose from, so it can be challenging to determine the most popular B&B locations. However, here are some of the most sought-after destinations:

Edinburgh: The capital city of Scotland is a popular destination for tourists, and there are many B&B options in the city centre and surrounding areas.

Glasgow: Another major city in Scotland, Glasgow offers a range of B&Bs, from traditional townhouses to modern apartments.

Inverness: Located in the Highlands, Inverness is known for its stunning scenery and historic landmarks. There are many B&Bs in and around Inverness that offer easy access to the city and the surrounding countryside.

Isle of Skye: The Isle of Skye is a popular destination for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes. 

St Andrews: This charming university town on the east coast of Scotland is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, history buffs, and beach lovers. 

The Scottish Borders: The southern region of Scotland, known as the Scottish Borders, offers a mix of beautiful countryside, historic towns, and charming villages. 

Most Popular B&B Types in Scotland

B&Bs in Scotland come in many different shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular types include:

Traditional Scottish homes: Many B&Bs in Scotland are housed in traditional Scottish homes, such as Georgian townhouses or Victorian villas. These properties often have a lot of character and charm and offer a unique insight into Scottish history and architecture.

Farmhouses: Scotland has a lot of rural areas, and farmhouses are a popular type of B&B accommodation in these regions. These properties are often surrounded by beautiful countryside and provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Guesthouses: Guesthouses are similar to B&Bs but often have more rooms and may offer additional facilities such as a lounge or dining area. They are often located in towns and cities and offer easy access to local attractions.

Cottages: Cottages are a popular type of B&B accommodation in Scotland, particularly in rural areas. They offer a private and self-contained experience and are often set in beautiful surroundings.

Converted buildings: Scotland has many historic buildings that have been converted into B&B accommodation, such as castles, stately homes, and churches. These properties offer a unique and memorable experience and are often located in scenic locations.

Modern apartments: For those looking for a more contemporary B&B experience, modern apartments are a popular option. These properties offer a high level of comfort and convenience and are often located in urban areas.

These are just some of the most popular types of B&B accommodation in Scotland. Still, there are many other options, including eco-friendly B&Bs, luxury B&Bs, and B&Bs located in unique and unusual settings.

Things to do: Ultimate Guide to B&Bs in Scotland

With its rich culture, stunning scenery, and friendly hospitality, Scotland is a wonderful destination for travellers of all ages and interests. And when you book through Rentalo, you'll be sure to be staying in a comfortable B&B that accommodates all of your needs, allowing you to get stuck into all the fun activities and adventures Scotland has to offer. 

Now where to explore and what to do, does largely depend on your location, however here are some overall ideas of what you can get up to during your stay:

  1. Get to know your hosts: B&B owners in Scotland are known for their warm and friendly hospitality. Take the time to chat with your hosts and learn more about Scottish culture and traditions.

  2. Enjoy a Scottish breakfast: B&Bs in Scotland typically serve a traditional Scottish breakfast, including items like bacon, eggs, black pudding, haggis, and tattie scones. Be sure to try this delicious and hearty meal to start your day.

  3. Relax in your cosy room: Many B&Bs in Scotland offer comfortable and cosy rooms, often decorated with traditional Scottish furnishings and decor. Take some time to unwind and enjoy your surroundings.

  4. Visit local attractions: B&Bs are often located near popular tourist attractions and landmarks. Take advantage of this proximity and visit nearby sites like castles, museums, and natural landmarks.

  5. Attend a local festival or event: Scotland has a vibrant cultural scene, with many festivals and events taking place throughout the year. Check local listings and attend events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Highland Games, or a traditional ceilidh.

  6. Try Scottish whisky: Scotland is famous for its whisky, and many B&Bs offer tasting sessions or can recommend nearby distilleries to visit. Be sure to try a dram of this beloved Scottish beverage.

  7. Experience Scottish cuisine: Scotland has a rich culinary tradition, and there are many delicious dishes to try during your visit. Be sure to sample Scottish favourites like haggis, neeps and tatties, Cullen skink, and cranachan.

  8. Explore the countryside: Scotland's countryside is known for its stunning natural beauty, with rolling hills, rugged coastlines, and picturesque villages. Take a drive or hike through the countryside and experience Scotland's natural beauty first hand.