Ez Calling Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZ Calling?

EZ Calling is a powerful telecommunication service designed to increase online bookings by closing the communication gap between property owners and travelers. EZ Calling offers three powerful features which can be used flexibly and independently: Click-to-Call, Inquiry-to-Phone and the Toll Free Extension with Call Tracking.

How does EZ Calling work?

EZ Calling connects travelers and property owners by establishing direct contact using the web to deliver communications to regular landlines or mobile phones. The platform instantly connects both parties so they can establish a conversation regarding the property, it’s availability, pricing, etc. The EZ Calling system is fully configurable so you can setup one or all of the three features included (Click-to-Call, Inquiry-to-Phone and the Toll Free Extension with Call Tracking) for one or more properties.

How do I activate EZ Calling?

If you have an active Rentalo Premium or Sponsored subscription, you may activate EZ Calling anytime by logging into your account and choosing one of the communication plans under the “EZ Calling” tab. First time users get additional free credit for setup that range from USD 10 to USD 40 on these plans. Once you have purchased your EZ Calling plan, you can then configure your forwarded telephone numbers. You may also choose to activate all or some of the features for all or some of your properties (in case you have more than one property listed with us).

What is the Inquiry to Phone feature?

The Inquiry-to-Phone is a feature included in EZ Calling that allows you to receive automated phone messages each time a traveler places and inquiry for your property from its Rentalo listing. As a traveler places the inquiry, the system will call you automatically, reading the inquiry details. The Inquiry-to-Phone feature will give you the opportunity to reply immediately to a traveler interested in your property by making a call-back to the traveler’s phone number. You may also track all the Inquiry to Phone activity in detailed EZ Calling reports in your account interface.

What is the Click to Call feature?

The Click to Call feature included in EZ Calling allows travelers interested in your property to directly connect with you through the click of a button embedded on your property listing. When the traveler inputs their phone number on the web interface, the system will call your forwarding phone number and establish the voice communication. This will allow you to receive INSTANT calls from travelers while they are browsing your listing, looking at your property pictures and reading about the property details. You may also track your click to call activity in detailed EZ Calling reports in your account interface.

What type of reporting can I expect from EZ Calling?

The EZ Calling reporting interface will allow you to track the EZ Calling activity over a period of time by choosing the reporting start and end date. The report will also provide detailed information for the call type, originating phone number, call duration and call cost. You may wish to filter for only one of the EZ Calling features, or alternatively, for one of the properties. The outstanding credit balance will also be available for your information. You can also download a comma separated file or output a printer friendly version for your files.

How much does EZ calling cost?

EZ Calling comes in three credit plans in fixed dollar amounts of USD 25, USD 50 and USD 100. Per minute charges apply when connecting both the traveler and the property owner. For calls within the US and Canada, a 19.5 cent fee per minute charge will apply. If calls are originating, or ending outside the United States and Canada, International charges will apply. To check out International fees, please use the rate calculator at the bottom of the page. Calling minute charges will be deducted from your plan as you make use of them. When the balance for EZ Calling is low, we will remind you by email communication and attempt to replenish your account (you may configure this option anytime). All EZ Calling plans are charged in US Dollars.

Can I use my 1-800 extension somewhere else?

Your 1-800 extension will be assigned exclusively for your use; however you want to use it. You may want to place your 1-800 extension on your business cards, stationery, email communications or other online and offline advertising services you use.

Can I make use of EZ Calling outside Rentalo?

We will soon offer a widget you can place on your own personal website, blog or third party advertising service so travelers can use the Click to Call feature on websites different from Rentalo. Please stay tuned, we will soon provide this Click to Call widget so you can integrate elsewhere.

Can I activate EZ Calling for some but not all of my properties?

Sure, EZ Calling is available for all the active properties in your account. If you wish, you can activate separate features for each property or do it for the entire account. It’s your choice.

Can I only activate one of the EZ Calling features?

You may activate any of the features you want individually at anytime. If you want to use only the Click to Call feature, or if you already have your own 1-800 toll free extension number, you may chose to deactivate this feature leaving the others active.

Can I configure the EZ Calling features for my country?

You can certainly configure EZ Calling features for your country, just be aware of placing the correct country and area code. Please check our rates calculator to find what the EZ Calling applicable charge is.

What happens if I cannot take an incoming call from EZ Calling?

If you are not available to take an incoming call from EZ Calling, the system will send you an email notification with the call information, including calling number, date and time of the missed call. We encourage you to set up your voice mail so you don't miss any calls from potential renters.

How can I get the most out of EZ Calling?

You may want to do a couple of things to get the most out of the EZ Calling service. First of all, update your property listing, adding as many pictures and useful information as you can. Remember, travelers will be browsing your listing while using the EZ Calling features and they will request as much information as possible to make a decision. Second, please keep an updated availability calendar so travelers can make an informed decision on your available dates. Likewise, please be ready to answer questions about pricing, booking procedures and your rental agreement. Try to make yourself available as much as you can to receive these important phone calls and be prepared to answer all the relevant questions your potential guest may have. With time, you will learn to recognize the best way to pitch your vacation rental on the phone and close the sale. Good luck!

What happens if the EZ Calling service is down?

EZ Calling is a high availability service that should work perfectly under most conditions. In the extreme case the platform is experiencing problems, we will notify our EZ Calling customers and try to restore the system as quickly as possible. For your information, you may want to read more on EZ Calling’s terms and conditions.