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Welcome to Rentalo: the perfect place to find and compare the best hotels across the world. We are your ultimate guide when it comes to b&bs, vacation rentals, hotels and other types of accommodation you’re likely searching for on your next trip away. At Rentalo, we specalize in finding the best accommodation to suit your needs and priority, whether that’s location, price or amenities. Start your search today for the ultimate vacation accommodation with Rentalo. 

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Our top tips on finding the hotel of your dreams with Rentalo are simple– narrow down your search based on what you prioritize the most. Location, price and amenities of the hotel are some of the most important factors you need to consider when selecting your accommodation. Is your chosen hotel nearby to the best tourist attractions, transport hubs or downtown? Does the price of the hotel match your established budget? And, what amenities does your chosen hotel offer, from a pool to a spa. 
We understand that finding your perfect hotel can be daunting, as you may not know what to prioritize, what to look out for, or how to tell the best hotels from the badly-reviewed ones. We’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for a big-name luxury hotel in a large city, or a more laid-back and intimate-style hotel away from large tourist crowds, at Rentalo, you can find accommodation to suit any traveler. 

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Scrolling through thousands of hotels doesn’t sound very practical, which is why we’ve compiled this list of our top tips on how to remain organized in choosing your hotel, and what you most need to consider when booking. Here’s how to narrow down your hotel search to end up with your perfect match:

Book With Confidence and Flexibility
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Find the best deals on hotels across the world using our helpful toggle tools and filters, helping to narrow down your search until you find your perfect hotel. Once you’ve found your hotel, we set about finding you the best deals from there. Travel to your heart’s content with the assurance that you’re in safe hands with Rentalo.
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Something come up and you can’t make your trip? No problem– simply log onto your Rentalo account and amend your booking for free. It’s as simple as that! Bear in mind that your hotel may have a different cancellation policy, so check the website to confirm any fees or extra charges that may be due.

Tips on Finding the Cheapest Deals on Hotels 

Book Early and Use Rentalo Rewards to Save More

Our top tips on finding the best deals on hotels are simple– research about your chosen destination to know where to go, where to avoid and the best way to get around. Here’s a list of our top tips for getting the absolute most out of your vacation, and how to find the best deals.


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Types of Hotels

There are dozens of different types of hotels, from well-known 5-star hotels to intimate, boutique style hotels. But which one do you choose for your upcoming vacation? Here, we’ll give you the lowdown on the different types of hotels available, and what you can expect from them.

Luxury Hotels
Luxury Hotels are so-named due to their effortless ability to invoke comfort, quality and a welcoming atmosphere. This is often done through highly-trained concierge and staff, opulent or modern-style decor, plush bed sheets, luxury amenities like spas or pools, and premium dining and drink options. You can expect nothing but the best service and comfort from luxury style hotels. This type of hotel is often located close to top attractions in busy downtown areas.

Affordable/Budget-Friendly Hotels
Low in price, but certainly not low in quality. Cheaper hotels are great for people who want to prioritize attractions over accommodation. Lower priced hotels can feature pools, spas and comfortable amenities, and are usually found in downtown areas.

Boutique Hotels
Boutique hotels are often found either downtown or in quieter areas, and are more intimate in style and service. You can expect a more personalized service at boutique hotels, as well as unique or modern style decor. Boutique hotels are known for their trendy locations and smaller-capacity than regular hotels.

Unique Hotels
Unique hotels are much like regular hotels, but their architecture could be strikingly different, unconventional decor, and the services could be delivered in a different way than normal hotels–think castles, cabins, treehouses or pods. Unique hotels are usually found in trendy urban areas or downtown, and are found in many cities around the world.

 Family-friendly Hotels
If traveling on a family vacation, you’ll want to find a hotel that accommodates all members of the family– from pools, and children’s playgrounds or parks to connecting rooms and child-friendly activities or amenities. Many big-name hotel brands, and lesser known brands too, offer a stay that will keep the whole family comfortable and entertained. Some of them also offer ‘kids eat free’ or ‘kids under a certain age stay free’ schemes too.

Resort-style Hotels
Resort-style hotels epitomize luxury. Often found in tropical or hotter areas around the world and close to beaches and attractions, resorts can feature restaurants, pools, golf courses and daily events all within the same hotel. If you want even more of an incentive to opt for a resort, many resorts offer an all-inclusive stay package, which is where all the basic essentials such as meals, entertainment and drinking are all included in the price of your booking.
This is often the favored choice among people who are on a tighter budget, as they won’t need to worry about spending lots of money on attractions or amenities when they’re right on their doorstep.

Use Rentalo to Find the Best Deals on Hotels
Use Rentalo to find your dream hotel–whether luxury, unique or affordable. Remain organized, have a plan, and do your research to ensure you secure the hotel you’ve had your eye on for a while. Rentalo is easy to navigate and use, and once you experience our helpful platform, you won’t want to use another. Our toggle and filter tools can help narrow down your search to make sure you avoid scrolling through endless lists of hotels, and can find the perfect one for you effortlessly and efficiently.