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How best do you use Rentalo to secure yourself the perfect hotel? It’s easy – simply decide what you want to prioritize with your chosen hotel, whether that’s the price, what amenities are available, or how close you are to nearby attractions or airports. Our helpful search engine allows you to filter and narrow down your results depending on what you prioritize most. Use our comparison tool to find your ideal Canadian hotel based on your budget or personal preferences. 

We understand that finding the right accommodation for you is your main priority. At Rentalo, we have a large range of hotels covering the provinces that comprise Canada – from British Columbia in the West to Newfoundland and Labrador in the East. Whether you’re looking for a big-name luxury hotel in the urban metropolis of Toronto or a more affordable hotel in sophisticated downtown Vancouver, you can find accommodations to suit every type of traveler.

How to Choose a Hotel on Rentalo

To avoid scrolling through thousands of hotels and feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume and choices that greet you, here are the steps to choosing a hotel on Rentalo:

  1. Take your time - While rushing through hotels, you may miss out on key information that will determine whether the hotel meets your expectations or requirements. It’s worth double-checking to make sure the hotel you have selected has the right price, amenities and location for you. Read the small print too!

  2. Decide on which amenities you want - From pools, spas and free continental breakfast, to fitness centers and free Wi-Fi, there are many amenities you’ll want to consider when selecting your hotel.

  3. Choose the location - If you want a hotel that’s quite rurally located or far from attractions, you may have to factor in further transportation costs into your budget. Instead, choose a hotel that is close to your ideal amenities, i.e. airports, museums, restaurants and shopping districts.

  4. Work out your budget - Understanding how much to spend on your vacation is arguably the most important step. Once you have your budget decided, you can decide on the type of hotel you want to spend, on and also work out extra costs.

The Ultimate Guide to Hotels in Canada

You’ll be spoiled for choice when you see the array of hotels available to you in Canada. This guide will give you the lowdown on types of hotels in Canada, from luxury 5-star hotels to budget-friendly hotels.

Luxury Hotels in Canada

From big-name brands like the Hilton or Fairmont, you can expect premium service in these four-to-five-star hotels. Expect opulent architecture, plush bedsheets, antique-style decor, and luxury amenities, like spas and pools. From downtown Toronto to the mountainous regions of Vancouver, expect to find luxury hotels in many bustling cities in Canada.

Affordable Hotels in Canada

While luxury hotels will accommodate travelers of all types, affordable hotels may be a bigger priority for tourists on a budget. Tourist spots like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are likely to contain a large concentration of affordable hotels. Affordable hotels combine comfort with convenience, making them a popular choice among locals and tourists.

Unique/Boutique Style Hotels in Canada

Boutique-style hotels are becoming vastly more popular, given their intimate size, sophistication, unique decor, and their more personal service. You can find many boutique hotels dotted around major tourist destinations like Canada’s largest cities, and even in smaller and less tourist-dense cities and regions.

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Tips on Finding The Cheapest Deals on Hotels in Canada

Book Early and Use Rentalo Rewards To Save More

How do you find the best deals on hotels? Here are our top tips on navigating Rentalo, and how to make sure you always find the best deals on your accommodation.

Avoid peak tourist seasons: Spring and Summer tend to be peak tourist destinations as the weather gets hotter and cities come alive with events. Fall and Winter 

may be cold in Canada, but you can still enjoy everything Canada’s hotspots have to offer, from snowy hikes to skiing and ice hockey.

Book in advance: Booking in advance will ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite hotel, and can avoid your favorite hotel selling out of rooms. You’ll want to book at least 2-3 months in advance.

Read reviews: Reading reviews of hotels can help you decide whether your chosen hotel is right for you. Reading people’s firsthand accounts and experiences of the hotel is accurate and trustworthy, and will help you determine if the hotel is worth the money.

Top Attractions in Canada

Niagara Falls

One of the world’s most famous natural wonders, these world-renowned waterfalls span both the US and Canada’s borders. Connecting the two countries by straddling both New York state and Ontario province, Niagara Falls is very easy to get to and marvel at.

How to Visit Niagara Falls

Experience the falls up close on a boat tour or walking tour, or view them from a distance by driving or flying close by. It can be accessed by heading to upstate New York, or by driving down Interstate 90. You can also access the falls on foot via the Niagara Falls State Park if you’d prefer to keep things simple. Tickets aren’t needed either, as free public access is available 24/7. Remember to bring your camera and waterproofs if you intend to get close to the falls.

Royal Ontario Museum

Combining futuristic and old-fashioned architecture, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is the largest museum in Canada and one of the most visited! Here, you’ll find art, culture and history galleries and exhibits, showcasing the very best of Canada. It’s hard to miss this museum, thanks to its uniquely designed exterior that towers above its visitors.

How to Visit the Royal Ontario Museum

Ride the subway, head there on foot or access via the bus or car – the choice is yours. Once there, you can buy tickets or if visiting on certain days, enjoy free admission into all exhibits and galleries. Take an organized tour of the gallery if you’re unsure of what to view first!

Stanley Park

One of Canada’s (and North America’s) most famous and largest parks, the Stanley Park is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Featuring hectares of trees, waterways and unique attractions like Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

How to Visit Stanley Park

Stanley Park is freely accessible to all members of the public. However, a small fee is required for the Vancouver Aquarium. Take a walking tour of the park to truly appreciate everything it has to offer, but bear in mind that thanks to the park’s sheer size, a walking tour will take several hours – probably not the best idea if you’re on a strict schedule!

Rocky Mountains

Stretching thousands of miles, from northern Canada down to southern US, the Rocky Mountains are the largest mountain range in North America, and definitely not a sight to miss! Surrounded by lakes and vast green areas, you are able to hike up the mountains via numerous trails.

How to Visit Rocky Mountains

Hike up or drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. Accessible via numerous states and Canadian provinces, you can expect hundreds of trails and highways leading up the mountains. Expect hiking or driving to take a while – we’re talking four hours minimum! Expect a fee upon entering the park, whether walking or driving.