Alaska Vacation Rentals

Alaska Vacation Rentals

Plan your best vacation ever in Alaska. Explore our colorful destinations and pursue your own interests to create your dream vacation in Alaska!

The allure of Alaska can be due to several reasons. For some, it is the fact that Alaska is the largest state in the union, while others are drawn to thousands of rivers and lakes throughout the state, making it ideal for those searching for picturesque views when abroad.


As well as offering some of the most immersive and exciting views in the world, another major draw for the extensive state is the many unique traditions celebrated.

Those searching for a new vantage point on daily life will be spoiled for choice regarding new and exciting traditions. One of the most common traditions is dog mushing, due to the popularity of dog sled racing. Although not an experience for everyone, the ancient tradition of dog sled racing is popular among natives and visitors and was first created in 1967.

Visitors to Alaska are free to peruse and purchase unique and independent pieces, as well as view showcases for Alaskan art. Some splendid art galleries include, but are not limited to, the Aurora Fine Art Gallery and the Stephan Fine Arts Gallery.

Things to do

One of the best things about Alaska is the flexibility available when booking a trip. Just as there are options available for those wanting to kick back and take in the view, there are just as many options available for those searching for experiences and tours in Alaska.

Free Up Your Time in Alaska with Flightseeing

Given Alaska is the largest state, it should come as no surprise that people are always searching for new ways to cover more ground, especially when sightseeing. Fortunately, there are options available in the form of flight-seeing. As the name suggests, flight-seeing allows you to enjoy the sights of Alaska from a plane. As well as offering a brand-new way of experiencing this incredible state, using flight-seeing also ensures you have more time to enjoy some other exclusive activities in Alaska.

Become Accustomed to Alaskan Wildlife

If you are keen to get close to the local wildlife while ensuring your safety is paramount, then you may want to consider one of the many Bear Viewing Tours, which allows you to observe this magnificent beast safely without it hindering the experience.

Rediscover the Beauty of Nature When Viewing the Alpenglow at Midnight

Experiences are plentiful in Alaska, and they come in many forms. Despite the attraction of the culture and cuisine of Alaska, there are experiences that can help introduce a new perspective on how we view the world. One of the most cited experiences in this regard is viewing the beautiful transform, the alpenglow at midnight, which is often seen around the various mountaintops. Words alone do not do this experience justice, and once viewed, solidifies why it is so popular.

Food & drink

When visiting Alaska, there is always a fine restaurant or eatery nearby, regardless of your budget. However, those visiting for the first time may be unsure of where to start when considering Alaskan dishes. The following is an overview of some popular food types that can be enjoyed when visiting Alaska:

Fish and Chips Served with an Alaskan Twist

Although many would assume the popular fish and chips is a British dish, Alaska has shown there is always a way to introduce something new to a timeless classic. As such, do not assume that fish and chips are a cheap inferior of British cuisine, as the dish offers a different experience altogether. This is attributed to the use of Alaskan rockfish, a delicate fish with a sweet overture that allows you to enjoy a British dish with an innovative twist.

Hot Dogs Are Given a Delicious Makeover

The humble hotdog is often overlooked when citing fine cuisine, but those who have tried a reindeer dog will know that sausages are more than meets the eye. The reindeer contains a sausage made from beef, pork, and caribou, and served in a bun covered with cola-glazed fried onions. Although this may not sound like the best flavour pairing at first, as soon as you taste the reindeer dog, it soon becomes the evident what all the fuss is about.


What is the Best Area to Stay in Alaska?

The best area to stay in Alaska depends on what you want to achieve from the experience. Those searching for scenic spots when visiting the comprehensive state could consider Chena Hot Springs, Hatcher Pass and Kodiak Island. Those hoping to observe culture and participate in activities should consider Anchorage for the Alaska Native Heritage Center and Wrangell Mountains for the Elias National Park.

When is the Best Month to Visit Alaska?

Those wanting to experience Alaska during the warmer months are advised to visit during the peak season, which takes place between June and August. There are many cruises available that travel throughout Alaska, and this is best experienced between May and September. Those wanting to make some savings can take advantage of what is known as the shoulder season, which also takes place between May and September, which can offer various discounts.

Is it Expensive to Visit Alaska?

The size of Alaska means there is something for everyone regardless of their budget. Although it can be expensive to visit Alaska, those with a smaller budget will find the natural environment always warrants a visit, so there is something for everyone, no matter the budget.

What Is the Most Luxurious Hotel in Alaska?

What is considered the most luxurious hotel in Alaska can be subjective, as many guests are searching for unique experiences. Those wanting a luxurious visit to the state can benefit from many premium hotels renowned for fine food, excellent views, and brilliant customer service. Some of the most popular premium hotels include the Alyeska Resort, Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge, and the Hotel Captain Cook.

What is Alaska Famous For?

Alaska is most famous for its glaciers, mountains, lakes, and rivers. However, there is just as much focus on wildlife, with many more people drawn to the unique culture that can be experienced in Alaska.

What Is the Best Hotel for Families in Alaska?

Despite the abundance of premium hotels available in Alaska, some will be searching for family-focused dwellings. Fortunately, there are many choices available in Alaska. The Sophie Station Suites in Fairbanks are renowned for large units perfect for families that still offer the comfort many are searching for when visiting Alaska. Another popular family hotel is the Minnie Street Inn, also in Fairbanks, a business operating for over 20 years, so you can be confident of a warm welcome and comfortable stay. Although there are many experiences available in Alaska, there is plenty of natural wonderment to make a trip worthwhile, regardless of your budget.

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Alaska Travel Vacation Guide

Top Vacation Destinations in Alaska

Denali Park
Cooper Landing

Vacation Rentals in Alaska

Staying at a vacation rental in Alaska is an excellent idea especially if you are traveling with your family or a large group. Alaska lodging options are very diverse and most Alaska vacation homes and Alaska condos not only offer more space but also more privacy. At an Alaska vacation house you will feel just like at home, but with a variety of amenities that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Alaska

It is recommendable to plan your Alaska trip with time. Several things should be taken into consideration when visiting this distinctive state. Booking an Alaska cabin in advance is recommendable. During summer visitors enjoy endless sunlight and skies stay light throughout the night. If seeing the aurora borealis is in your plans, winter is the time to visit Alaska.

Fishing in Alaska

Fly-fishing, salt water fishing, freshwater fishing, you name it, you have it. Alaska is a premiere fishing destination and anglers are welcome throughout every region of the state. A campfire to breathe in the pure Alaskan air and cook the fish you just caught is also a very popular activity. Book an Alaska lodge now, and catch your next meal now!

Eco-tourism in Alaska

If you are seeking a personal connection with nature Alaska will certainly not disappoint you. Rent an Alaska vacation home and visit the highest mountain of North America, Mt. McKinley. Located at Denali National park in Alaska's interior, it is great for hiking enthusiasts. The Chugach State Park is other popular spot in Anchorage as well as multi day excursions to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and the Kenai Peninsula.

Dog Sledding in Alaska

An activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, dog sledding is one of the most popular attractions of Alaska. Several dog sledding operators can be found all over Alaska and simple quarter mile trips to twelve-day trips are available for beginners or experts. Find the best values on Alaska vacation cabins and experience the fun of Alaska's trademark activity.


Home to the majority of the aboriginal people of Alaska, Fairbanks is a place with a unique appeal and a must-see on your list of things to do in Alaska. Previously a mining town, Fairbanks offers visitors the Pioneer Museum that features items from the pioneer days and the SS Nenana, a stem wheeler that used to carry passengers along the Chena River and now a museum. Book your Alaska B&B now and discover the magic of this town.

Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis

If you are staying in an Alaska vacation house during late August through early April you should not miss the Northern Lights. A phenomenon that is not yet understood, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are a natural color light display only visible in the Northern sky. Imagine watching multicolor ribbons of light that dance across the sky, a natural spectacle that will certainly enchant you.

World Known Top Events in the State of Alaska

Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Anchorage, March 7-16

The Annual May Day Fly-In & Air Show
Valdez, May 8-10

World Eskimo-Indian Olympics
Fairbanks, July 15-18

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