Arizona Vacation Rentals

Arizona Vacation Rentals

Plan your best vacation ever in Arizona. Explore our colorful destinations and pursue your own interests to create your dream vacation in Arizona!

The state of Arizona is a part of the United States of America and is the country’s sixth-largest state in terms of land area. Its beautiful name Arizona comes from the phrase ‘Basque’, a term that means ‘place of oaks.’ This state is home to the Apache Reservation as well as a substantial chunk of the Navajo Nation. Touring through Arizona takes you back to the Wild West scenes from classic movies.

It is home to some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the red slopes of Sedona. It’s difficult not to like Arizona, with such a thriving artistic scene and more tourist attractions compared to other states.


The culture in Arizona varies from region to region because it is such a large state. The fact that it was founded relatively late as a state and contains a lot of open terrains, canyons and deserts, that make up much of the state. Ranchers and people live in rural areas, while most of the cities are large and spread out rather than densely packed like New York or Chicago.

As a result, Sedona is more liberal and democratic than California and New York. Any city with a high level of tourism (such as cities around the Grand Canyon or Sedona) has a more open community that caters to visitors. Additionally, because Arizona has so much natural beauty, travelers can enjoy a lot of nature and outdoor activities in the Arizonian culture.

Things to do

Arizona has natural wonders and museums that will entice visitors to stay longer. You can participate in outdoor activities including golf, relaxing at a spa, shopping, or learning about Native American culture.

Travelers can visit the famous Grand Canyon which is the number one most visited tourist destination in Arizona. The Colorado River excavated a valley out of the region’s sandstone bluffs, making it one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Mule rides are a popular way to see the Canyon, but there are also other hiking trails to choose from.

Sedona’s landscape, when combined with the arid desert atmosphere, lends itself to spiritual pursuits, attracting thousands of visitors each year for yoga festivals and synchronized meditation. Each year, several music events, such as bluegrass, jazz, and chamber music, are hosted. Visit the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which offers a chance to hike over golden red sand formations while exploring a national park unlike any other in the world.

Food & Drink

If you love to eat and drink, then you must try Arizonian dishes and drinks. The state has an array of restaurants such as the Hopi Cultural Center, famously known for their Native American ‘Fry Bread’ and Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant located in Phoenix is popular for their ‘Cheese Crisp.’ Whether it’s a cuisine with a deep history in Arizona or a native ingredient found nowhere else in the country, these meals can be enjoyed in the Grand Canyon State.


Where are the best locations to stay in Arizona?

When visiting the state, travelers should keep an eye out for sprawling metropolises, unique villages, and even ghost towns. In Sedona, the Casa Sedona Inn, L’Auberge de Sedona, and the Junipine Resort are all excellent choices for lodging. When visiting Tucson, stay at the White Stallion Ranch, Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort, or Canyon Ranch. Cottonwood, which is a charming small town in Arizona, offers a stay at the Pines Motel or the Little Daisy Motel.

What is the best month to visit Arizona?

Spring and autumn are the best times to come because temperatures are mild in the mountains and warm in the desert, with no extremes. Late spring and early autumn (May and September) are other good seasons to save money (cheap summer prices are still in place at desert resorts) and see the Grand Canyon when it isn’t as crowded. You can also see spectacular wildflower displays in the spring, which start in March and linger until May when the tops of saguaro cactus are covered in waxy white blossoms.

Is Arizona expensive to visit?

According to The Champion Traveler, A 7-day trip to Arizona costs an average of $1,207 for a single traveler, $1,829 for a couple, and $3,931 for a family of four. An Arizonian hotel will charge you as little as $60 or up to $274 each night, while the majority of vacation rentals charge between $180 and $510 every night for the entire accommodation. For economy flights, the average worldwide flight cost to Arizona (from all airports) is between $628 and $949 per person.

What is the most luxurious hotel in Arizona?

When it comes to 5-star luxurious hotels in Arizona, there are plenty of them, such as:

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

L'Auberge de Sedona

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

The Wigwam, among others at Luxury Link.

What is Arizona famous for?

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon and has a 5 Cs-based economy (Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate). Arizona has a rich history, dynamic cities, Native American traditions, and more, in addition to its natural beauty and renowned national parks.

What’s the best hotel for families in Arizona? There are plenty of hotels in Arizona suitable for families, including:

Sedona Pines Resort

Marriott's Canyon Villas

The Wigwam

Sonesta Suites Scottsdale Gainey Ranch

Westgate Painted Mountain Golf Resort

How many days do you need in Arizona?

A week will allow you more than enough time to see the main attractions the state has to offer, however any additional time you can spend there will give you the luxury of a more relaxed experience and more time to enjoy everything Arizona has to offer.

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Arizona Travel Vacation Guide


Vacation Rentals in Arizona

Staying at an Arizona vacation homecan result very convenient especially if you are traveling with a large group. Providing more space, privacy and economy, the vacation rentals at Arizonaare an excellent option that you should definitely consider.

Things to do in Arizona

The Grand Canyon, outdoor recreation such as fishing, sailing, climbing, and paddling, visiting scenic roads, shopping and dinning are just a few of the activities that Arizona has to offer. Stay at a Arizona accommodation and explore the endless possibilities. Things to do in Arizona:

Arizona and the Grand Canyon

A place unlike anywhere else in the world, the Grand Canyon is a must when you visit Arizona. This breath taking wonder provides visitors of an Arizona lodging an unforgettable view that will mark their life forever.

Outdoor Recreation in Arizona

Arizona's bright sunshine allows visitors to perform a myriad of outdoor activities while staying at an Arizona vacation home. Fishing, sailing, swimming and climbing are some of the many activities that this beautiful state has to offer. Get a close up view of the exotic animal species and plants while enjoying one of these outdoor sports.

Scenic Roads

If you are a nature fanatic and enjoy taking the off the beaten path, booking an Arizona vacation condo will simply hypnotize you. Arizona has some of the most beautiful and scenic roads you will ever see, offering the traveler in search for the authentic and unusual, a unique experience.

Culture and Arts in Arizona

A mixture of the past and the present makes Arizona a crossroad of culture and heritage. Expressions of culture can be found in the architecture and indigenous designs as well as at the numerous art galleries all over the place. Book an Arizona rental and enjoy culture at its best.

Family Adventures in Arizona

Arizona is known by some as a "Natural amusement Park." Man made lakes, Old Western towns, dude ranches, wildlife parks, and exotic habitats are just some of the things that await Arizona vacation rentals guests.

World Known Top Events in the State of Arizona

27th Annual Boat Parade of Lights
Lake Havasu City, Dec. 4-5

Cowgirl Up! Art Show & Sale� Desert Caballeros Western Museum
Wickenburg, March 28-May 3

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