Colombia Vacation Rentals

Colombia Vacation Rentals

Plan your best vacation ever in Colombia. Explore our colorful destinations and pursue your own interests to create your dream vacation in Colombia!

Located in South America, Colombia is the only country of this continent that has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Blessed with extremely diverse topography, Colombia has everything from the magnificent pacific and Caribbean coasts, Amazon jungle, high mountains and large plain regions. The official language of Colombia is Spanish and Colombian peso is a country’s currency.

Explore all the colorful destinations of Colombia and surf through Colombia vacation rentals including Bogota vacation apartments, Cartagena holiday villas, San Andres vacation homes and many more. Find a perfect lodging in Colombia and enjoy your family getaway

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Colombia Travel Vacation Guide


Colombia Vacation rentals

Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or family, Colombia will surprise you with its wide variety of accommodations. Privately owned farmhouses, hotels and villas are awaiting tourists in Colombia. Choose among Bogota hotels, Cartagena vacation villas, San Andres holiday houses and find a perfect lodging in the colorful Colombia.

Things to do in Colombia

Colombia is a spectacular colorful country full of warm-hearted people, vibrant cities such as Bogota, Cali and Medellin, enchanting colonial villages, sugary white sand beaches on both its coasts and breathtaking greenery of its mountains and Amazon jungle. Colombia has so much to explore, one visit is surely not enough to enjoy all it has to offer. When you travel to Colombia for the first time, you should definitely include the ancient, walled fortress charming city of Cartagena, vibrant nightlife of Bogota, Colombian traditional dishes and salsa party on your must-see-and-do list.

Considered the country of the happiest people on earth, Colombia will amaze you with its hospitable atmosphere, diversity and a huge range of activities to choose from. If you love sun and ancient colonial cities, Cartagena is waiting for you on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Those who love adventure sports will have a chance to enjoy paragliding, hiking in high mountains, rafting and rock climbing. Trying the specialties of traditional Colombian cuisine such as the delicious soup of Ajiaco, famous Bandeja Paisa and fresh juices made from exotic fruits is a must.

Colombian Coast

Some of the best vacation beach resorts of Colombia are located on the Caribbean coast. Cities such as Santa Marta, Cartagena and Barranquilla lure tourists with their tropical settings, live events and colonial architecture. Cartagena is an ancient walled fortress city with a fascinating Old Town, exquisite Caribbean restaurants and unique atmosphere. Visit Islas del Rosario, archipelago of 25 small coral islands that recently have been declared a national park and enjoy snorkeling, diving and traditional Colombian dishes. About 300 miles north of the Caribbean coast are the islands of San Andres and Providence. Expect nothing but long white beaches, excellent nightlife and mouthwatering dishes.

Monserrate in Bogota

Monserrate is a 3,190 meter high mountain located in the center of Bogota with a church, restaurant and several catholic stations on its top. There are two ways of arriving to the top of the mountain that include a cable car and a long walk on foot. A walk can be quite steep and difficult considering high altitudes. A cable car will quickly take you to the top of the mountain from where you can admire breathtaking views of this huge city of eight million inhabitants. There is a legend about Monserrate that one should not visit it with a person he loves or they would never marry each other.

Museum of Gold

Located in the old part of Bogota, the Museum of Gold (Museo del Oro in Spanish) gathers the finest collection of pre-Columbian gold of the continent showing 33,000 individual pieces, from a pair of earrings to beautiful crafted masks and figures. Highlights of the museum include a history of the intriguing myth of El Dorado, the mystical Guatavita lake that supposedly contained unimaginable golden treasures that were an object of desire of many expeditions for about two centuries after the legend was forgotten.

The sparkling restaurant of Andres Carne de Res

Located just outside the vibrant city of Bogota, in the small town of Chia is Andres Carne de Res, a unique restaurant that is a must-see to all the newcomers. More than just a restaurant, Andres is a whole amazing experience that includes live music, special events, one of the most delicious beef steaks in Bogota and the best party in the whole country. Dancing on the tables, eating strawberries from charming hand-made pots and meeting troupes of artists is all guaranteed in Andres. All this can be experienced in an amazing décor that is full of candles, sculptures, hand-made decorations and trees that grow in the middle of the restaurant. At night Andres turns into a spectacular party place which sparkles with colorful lights and red hearts hanging from the ceiling. Good fun in Andres is guaranteed to last until dawn!

The Coffee Zone

Stretched among three Colombian regions Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas is the famous Coffee region (Eje Cafetero). Located about 100 miles west of Bogota, the coffee region is recognized as a source of the best coffee in the world. It lures tourists with beautiful, green rolling hills, venerable coffee farms and shimmering coffee bushes. Taste the best aromatic coffee in the world, visit charming towns such as Montenegro and Salento and stay at one of the amazing colonial, privately owned “fincas” (farms).

The Tayrona National Park

Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, The Tayrona National Park is considered one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of South America. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the majestic Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Tayrona Park is roughly 58 square miles and has one of the most diverse biological coastal zones of the Americas. While walking through the park you can see titi monkeys, red squirrels, collared peccaries, jaguars and about 200 species of birds including toucans and red woodpeckers. The white mountain tops of Sierra Nevada combined with palm beaches and footpaths through the jungle make this place truly unique and worth visiting.

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